Avoid expensive guesses in a data-driven world

Capture feedback before your book hits the buy page or store shelves.

Each year, millions of dollars are invested by publishers on thousands of book projects. Yet for too long, these decisions have lacked validation from target audience feedback.

Living with a “low batting average” publishing portfolio that fails to achieve budget and earn back advances inhibits revenue and profit growth.

Other industries, including the film industry, have used preview audiences and beta testers for years to infuse data into making better decisions. Yet, book publishers have struggled to adopt critical rapid audience research tools.

Why? Because gathering target reader feedback under deadline can be difficult, costly, and slow.

Remove Obstacles to Capturing Reader Insights

Publishers face several obstacles in capturing useful feedback during a book’s publishing journey. TAI helps solve these problems so that reader intelligence can be infused into important book lifecycle decisions:

  • No access to readers: Lack of in-house audience panels with enough readers for frequent testing.
  • Too expensive: 3rd-party research vendors are costly and often don’t possess publishing expertise.
  • Too slow: The feedback capture process can fail to fit editorial and production timelines.
  • Not useful: Feedback isn’t presented in credible, clear ways for editors to act upon.

TAI Solutions assists the publishing community in optimizing their acquisition/proposal, editing, production, and marketing decisions through rapid, dependable, affordable, qualified target reader feedback.

TAI helps you develop and sell better books!

Get Answers to Critical Publishing Questions

  • Acquisition Decisions: Is there enough interest from target readers to justify an advance?
  • Manuscript: Where are we losing readers and why?
  • Title: Will this title intrigue and convert the most readers?
  • Cover Design: Will this cover catch the eye on shelves and screens and earn extra consumer consideration?
  • Marketing: Which keywords will get my book in front of qualified readers? What descriptive copy will deepen their interest?
  • “When I’m receiving feedback…I say to myself, ‘I’m brave enough to listen.’”

    – Brené  Brown, New York Times bestselling author

  • “Feedback is a listening system.”

    – John Doerr, legendary venture capitalist

  • “There is no failure, only feedback.”

    – Oprah

  • “Criticism may not be agreeable, but it is necessary…It calls attention to an unhealthy state of things.”

    – Winston Churchill