Find out if there is an audience for your content

Learn which potential book projects generate a higher interest score among real target readers before you commit to acquiring or selling them.

Acquisition editors and publishers are at a disadvantage in the high stakes game of acquiring the best book projects. How do you know which projects will sell and what to pay for them?

Likewise, literary agents need to accurately evaluate the worth of new author projects. What if you are leaving money on the table?

Gain feedback on a brief book hook and back cover copy-style description from hundreds of real target readers who can share how enthusiastic they are (or not) about the topic and their intention to purchase. Receive results in 3 days or less.

Target Reader Interest Score (TRIS) benefits: 

  • Receive a statistically relevant sample of interest and intent to purchase responses from 200+ target First Look Readers™ for your book.
  • Learn how this interest score compares to other books in your target genre.
  • Understand pockets of strongest interest by demographic and psychographic audiences to improve marketing focus.

The TRIS report includes:

  • Participant demographics and profile summaries broken down by percentage participation
  • Interest rating for your book hook and ranking vs. comparable titles
  • Comparison of interest and purchase intent scores vs. comparable titles and genre averages (based upon availability)
  • Verbatim comments from potential readers

Price: $1,750

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