Choose an optimized cover to drive book sales

Be confident that your cover design decision captures the eye of target readers and enhances sales conversion potential . . . while making the process more positive and efficient with authors.

Your target reader is bombarded with visual messages. Make sure your book cover rises above the noise.

After reviewing each cover, target readers rank them in order of preference and then rate how strong each cover is. Respondents also have an opportunity to give feedback on their top choice. You may add up to three qualitative questions for the participants in the survey.

Target Reader Cover Optimization™ (TRCO) benefits:

  • Receive a statistically relevant sample of responses from 200+ target First Look Readers™ for your book.
  • Understand the actual and relative perceived attractiveness of your covers.

The TRCO report includes:

  • Participant demographics and profile summaries broken down by percentage participation.
  • Covers individually rated
  • Cover preferences ranked from favorite to least favorite
  • Verbatim comments


NOTE: Sample size effects the margin of error possible for your report:

  • 200+ responses = estimated 95% confidence level with 7% margin of error – $1,450
  • Larger sample sizes with lower margins of error are available; please contact us for a quote or questions
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