Booksellers need a competitive advantage

Capture interests and trends among your book-buying customers

Booksellers of all shapes and sizes have struggled to compete and thrive in today’s age of ecommerce and aggressive price competition. However, passionate readers still appreciate the value of curation and recommendations from a knowledgeable bookseller.

TAI’s reader insights provide booksellers with proactive, unique insights into what target readers are interested in reading next. In partnership with the experience and intuition of your buyers, TAI can help you make better decisions on what titles to optimize in your buying and merchandising mix.

Target Audience Insights equips you as retailer-distributor buyer to:

  • Capture which upcoming releases are intriguing target readers the most.
  • Decide where to spend precious limited inventory dollars for key selling seasons.
  • Test marketing messages that could set your store or site apart from the ecommerce giants.
  • Determine which titles should be curated for specific segments of your customers.

Did you know?

  • 1,700 booksellers run approximately 4,100 brick and mortar bookstores in the U.S.
  • Independent bookseller revenue fell from an estimated $17 billion in 2008 to $10.3 billion in 2018.
  • Book lovers indicate a preference for a local or independent bookseller for the overall buying experience, for personal curation and recommendations for their needs, for the diversity of offerings (including finding new authors), and for the community and social connections.