Improve your catalog’s return on investment

As the overall publishing leader for your imprint, your job has become more challenging each year: growing the catalog batting average.

As a publisher, you have a lot to watch over: acquisition flow, author and agent relationships, production and inventory issues, backlist optimization, marketing, sales distribution, and much more! All with an eye towards improving the return on assets and investments from your catalog.

Publishers like you are beginning to embrace the power of data-driven decision-making to give their teams a competitive edge in acquisition, editorial direction, and marketing.

Target Audience Insights equips you as publisher to:

  • Empower your acquisition editors to make better acquisition decisions by capturing target reader feedback on their interest and intent to purchase a book. . . before you jump in the fray for that new proposal.
  • Give your editors insights to make better editorial decisions on where a manuscript in development spoke to them—or lost them.
  • Add the voice of the reader to make more efficient and effective title and cover design decisions.
  • Focus your marketers to zero in on the highest potential metadata, including keywords, book hooks, and descriptions.

Did you know?

  • Over 70% of publishers/senior publishing executives report that less than 1/4 of their annual titles reach their first 12-month revenue budget?
  • Over 76% of publishers/senior publishing executives report that less than 1/3 of their annual titles reach earn back their royalty advance in 24 months?
  • Only 27% of publishers/senior publishing executives “often or always” get feedback from target readers on a manuscript before publishing it?
  • Only 10% of publishers/senior publishing executives “frequently” test titles or book cover designs with target readers to optimize their decision.

Source: Target Audience Insights LLC publishing industry survey 2021.