You have one of the toughest jobs in marketing

Don’t launch a book without the audience insights you need to shape a breakthrough campaign.

All marketing professionals seek to help their product stand out in a crowd and connect with a target audience. But you have 2-3 million competitors for each book you market!

As a book publishing marketing professional, you know that the secret is to narrow your focus and make sure a book finds its intended first wave of readers. After that difficult task is achieved, you help foster word-of-mouth, media coverage, and other activities required for a breakthrough bestseller.

Target Audience Insights equips you as book marketer to:

  • Zero in on the specific keywords, book hook phrases, and other metadata that will connect with target readers.
  • Design and sharpen book titles, covers, descriptions and marketing images that will help convert readers.
  • Compare how interest in your title compares to competitive titles within your genre and sub-genre.

Did you know?

  • Most publishing and marketing experts still value an engaged email list far above social media platform, although both are powerful and often work together.
  • The #BookTok user-generated posts on Tik Tok have over 12 billion views.
  • Creative virtual events have taken publishing by storm since Covid-19 eliminated many book-signing and other in-person events. Many authors are teaming up to promote complementary books to save money and draw bigger audiences.