Deliver more value for your publishing industry clients

Expand your publishing industry services by including audience insights.

Whether you’re a ghostwriting service, editorial consultant, or production services provider, you play a critical role in the publishing industry by helping authors and publishers expand their capacity and improve their final works.

Since your mission is to help publishing industry professionals deliver excellence, it makes sense for your firm to partner with TAI to deliver validation of these improvements with target reader insights and analysis.

TAI works with publishing industry partners just like you to embed audience insights research into the overall editorial and production process. By packaging our research offerings with your added-value services, you can provide a holistic solution to your valued clients.

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Did you know?

  • Opportunities for ghostwriters has expanded greatly as more celebrities, business leaders, and other busy high profile personalities seek book deals.
  • Adding audience insight testing to your editorial or production services can serve to reinforce the value or your core business by delivering real-world evidence of your impact.
  • Testing a target reader audience can develop proactive ideas that can be shopped to authors, publishers, or even companies seeking to grow their content marketing.