Insight for writing the breakthrough book

Writing a great book that sells is part inspiration, part information.

Over 300,000 books are published each year. That number rises into the millions when you include self-published titles. How are you as an author prepared to break through that kind of content noise?

Target Audience Insight equips you as an author to:

  • Determine whether your concept is a potential hit with target readers, increasing the potential value for attracting agents and publishers.
  • Shape the best book hook, description, and keywords to attract the most interest from target readers.
  • Capture unbiased, in-depth feedback from real target readers for your genre that helps you, along with your editor, shape your most compelling book.
  • Include the voice of the reader to help choose the optimal title and cover design that will convert readers.

Did you know?

  • Publishing executives and acquisition editors report that the vast majority (over 75%!) of books fail to earn back their royalty advance, making it harder for an author to get that second book deal.
  • There were over 2 million self-published titles in 2020 with significant growth projected in 2021 and 2022. Building a partnership with your target readers is one of the key strategies used by top self-published authors.