Curate better lists. Negotiate better deals. 

Research consistently shows that information can tip the scales during negotiations.

As an acquisition editor, you know the drill: a hot proposal shows up in your inbox, a tight offer deadline is set by the agent, and your competitors start driving up the price.

However, without unique and accurate insights, these conditions are not ideal for making a good acquisition decision. A key insight before making an offer? Whether the target audience is interested in reading it!

Target Audience Insights equips you with several competitive advantages as an acquisition editor:

  • Make better acquisition decisions by capturing target reader feedback on their interest and intent to purchase a book—including how it compares to key books within the same genre—before you jump in the fray for that new proposal.
  • Make better substantive editing decisions with in-depth target reader feedback on where a manuscript needs help or needs amplification.
  • Add the voice of the reader to make more efficient and effective title and cover design decisions.