Choose the best title for your book

Be confident that your title and sub-title decision resonates with target readers and enhances SEO discoverability . . . while making the process more positive and efficient with authors.

You may only get one chance to capture a reader’s attention. Make sure it counts.

First Look Readers™ rank the titles in order of preference and then rate how strong each title is individually.

Respondents also have an opportunity to give feedback on the titles. You may add up to three qualitative questions for the participants in the survey. Receive results in 3 days or less.

Target Reader Title Optimization™ (TRTO) benefits:

  • Receive a statistically relevant sample of responses from 125+ target First Look Readers™ for your book.
  • Understand the actual and relative perceived attractiveness of your titles.

The TRTO report includes:

  • Participant demographics and profile summaries broken down by percentage participation.
  • Titles individually rated
  • Title preferences ranked from favorite to least favorite
  • Verbatim comments

Price: $850

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