Identify optimal keywords and description copy

Let First Look Reader™ audience feedback guide your marketing team’s focus so that your books are discovered—and purchased—at a higher rate.

Publishers are rushing to improve discoverability for their books in a crowded digital marketplace with smarter metadata, but few have the in-house expertise or time to focus on this important discipline for every title.

Which keywords, content themes, and positioning messaging will enhance SEO and convert higher sales from target readers?

TRMO provides both organic evaluation from real target readers and algorithmic analysis to provide book marketers with the specific keyword, metadata, and competitive positioning required for the best possible sales outcome.

Target Reader Marketing Optimization™ (TRMO) benefits:

  • Specific recommendations on improving a book’s keyword and metadata description derived from real-world target reader feedback and advanced algorithmic analysis from book description and competitive titles.
  • Guidance on competitive positioning and marketing copy adjustments.

The TRMO report includes:

  • Analysis vs. top 5 competitive titles
  • Keyword analysis derived from target reader feedback comments and book description
  • Recommended adjustments in copy and positioning.

Price: $950

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