Independent, in-depth, unbiased feedback from real readers

Improve each of your books with an independent and unbiased manuscript review from real readers to guide you in addressing weaknesses and amplifying strengths.

Fewer books are earning back their royalty advances and with the growth of self-publishing, it is more difficult for authors to break through the clutter. The average reader’s attention span is shrinking and it’s imperative that a book immediately captivate its target audience.

TAI guarantees 12 to 20 responses (depending on plan purchased) and asks dozens of qualitative questions that have been carefully crafted by seasoned industry professionals, including writers, editors and publishers.

We summarize the target reader’s inputs using data gleaned from our First Look Reader™ community. The final report is in your hands in under 3 weeks (special rush projects may be available).

Target Reader Manuscript Reaction (TRMR) benefits:

  • Capture in-depth feedback from target readers in the First Look Reader™ database
  • Gain independent confirmation of a manuscript’s market appeal
  • Obtain insights enabling you to make market-guided adjustments to a manuscript before it’s set in stone
  • Be more confident that your book will sell—to an agent, publisher, or end user

The TRMR report includes:

  • Qualitative reader feedback based on prompted analysis questions
  • Title receptivity—Qualitative feedback on provided titles
  • Purchase decision drivers
  • In the Readers’ Words—Word description cloud
  • Substance Reactions—Readers’ view of key concepts
  • Structure Reactions—Readers’ perception of the blueprint
  • Sound Reactions—Readers’ perception of the writing
  • Conclusion

12 readers – $1,750
20 readers – $2,350

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